HiTHIUM - global market launch

Founded in 2019, stationary energy storage manufacturer Hithium first began shipping battery products in 2022.

They asked for our support when they decided to enter the global market and launch a new global brand identity, introducing it worldwide starting at EES/Intersolar 2023 in Munich.

We were tasked in February 2023 with identifying, designing, and launching Hithium’s global brand in four months, with the new global website to go live in mid-May, a month before the EES trade fair.

With our expertise in brand-building, marketing, and communications in the renewable energy sector, we were able to take on this enormous challenge successfully.

We were aided by the clarity of Hithium’s requests, fast and agile workflows and decision-making, and their authentically open, cooperative corporate culture! In fact, that culture inspired the first iteration of the global brand identity. Through 2023 we built on the initial brand-building, website, and trade fair work together to provide Hithium with a full palette of marketing and communications support.

Our services for HiTHIUM

Global brand identity

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand personality
  • Corporate design with manual and templates
  • Key visuals, photos, and strategic messaging
  • Website (in English, German, and Italian):


  • Print and online advertising campaign
  • Product documents, such as data sheets
  • Photos and videos: Concept, strategy, content and production management
  • Speaker slots in high-level events, e.g. PV Magazine Roundtable Europe
  • Events: concepts and content, such as backdrops, merchandising, speeches

Global PR

  • Communication concept
  • Press releases
  • Creation of various texts and content
  • Crisis communications guidelines and consulting
  • Intercultural communication consulting
  • Social Media Posts

Bloomberg BNEF’s “Energy Storage System Cost Survey 2023,” published 26. December 2023, provides one metric of our success: In just over half a year after their global market entry, Hithium was already known and ranked as bankable by 37% of industry professionals surveyed.

Trade fair and interview films

Please also visit the HiTHIUM website: https://hithium.com/en/

Print design

collage aus verschiedenen Bildern der Heizungsindustrie

PR & Social Media BDH

The Federation of the German Heating Industry (BDH) represents 121 member companies that generate around 22 billion euros per year internationally and employ 87,000 people. The association is committed to the heating transition and works to represent the positions of the heating industry in political discourse and policy development. In particular, the BDH supports maintaining a broad range of technical solutions in the heating market as well as the use of all CO2-free and climate-neutral energy sources.


– PR consulting and communications strategy
– Development of the association’s positions und communications
– Managing social media
– Supporting media relations
– Optimization of infographics

Diagramm zu der Marktentwicklung Wärmeerzeugern

We support BDH in improving its public presence and reach and communicating its messages effectively, regularly strengthening the foundation by working with the association to develop its positioning and messages. We also manage the BDH’s social media accounts and provide support with press and media relations.

Social Media


Der Bundesverband der Deutschen Heizungsindustrie (BDH)


Marketing and PR for SMARTFOX

Households only use around 30 percent of the solar power from their roof themselves, the rest is uneconomically fed into the power grid. With the intelligent energy management system from SMARTFOX, however, homeowners can use up to 98 percent of their solar power themselves – and also save around 40 percent on heating costs.
The energy manager is compatible with devices from other manufacturers. And fits perfectly with the wallboxes and heating elements from SMARTFOX.

Our services

  • Developemnt of marketing and PR strategy
  • Campain management
  • Online marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Creation of marketing material
  • Exhibition stand concept
  • Public relations
  • Media planning
  • Website development




Press contact

Marketing and PR for SMARTFOX

As the lead agency for the German market, Sunbeam has developed a communication strategy that targets both B2B and B2C. With press work and posts on LinkedIn and Facebook, we get SMARTFOX talked about among installers and homeowners. We develop advertising material, create advertisements and are constantly coming up with ideas on how we can help SMARTFOX attract new specialist partners and collect end customer leads.

Information flyer for installers and wholesalers

Banner Ads

Social Media Ads

Mobile exhibition stand

Simulation eines Messestands in rot

Effie Award

How do you win over craftsmen for a digital roadshow?

Electrical craftsman can not complain about lack of orders or idle time. At the same time, it is being wooed by many manufacturers, who want the tradesman to become a specialist partner for their own product.

Expectations surpassed

Our customer TESVOLT also wanted to win new trade partners with its digital roadshow “TESVOLT Euro Tour” – across Europe. Not only did we succeed, but our client’s conversion target was far exceeded: 1,244 tradespeople registered for the digital roadshow via a well thought-out sales funnel and media mix, and 182 of them became trade partners directly afterwards. In the campaign year 2020, TESVOLT was also able to increase its sales by more than 50% compared to the previous year.


This also convinced the GWA Effie Award jury, which awarded a silver B2B Effie – the Oscar of the marketing industry – for the campaign in Germany in the “Activation” category.

Who reads where what

Sunbeam was responsible for all media planning in ten European countries. Since the electrical trade is the target group of many of our customers, we know which trade media are mainly read by them. At the same time, we have long-established contacts with the publishers of the important media. This has enabled us to negotiate prominent placements in print and online media at the best prices. This and the right channels contributed significantly to the efficiency of the campaign – and efficiency is a decisive award criterion for the Effie Award, the prize for efficient brand communication. We provided additional reach with PR and advertorials.

The best out of it

The RosenbauerSolbach advertising agency was responsible for the successful marketing campaign. Hand in hand, we brought out the best for TESVOLT and thank all those involved who contributed to this impressive success.

This is what our client says

„Sunbeam simply knows what tradespeople read and how to reach them. We’ve been working with the Berlin team since our inception for a reason; they simply know the renewables industry very well. The top placements in the right media and the PR around the campaign contributed quite significantly to the success of our roadshow.“

Thomas Franken, Marketing & Strategic Expansion at TESVOLT

You want to know how we can support you with marketing and PR?


Contact us!





CONEXIO is one of the most important event organisers in the field of renewable energies. For several years, Sunbeam has been supporting CONEXIO with strategy, PR, social media and ongoing support in the design and creation of all event materials from giveaways to the guidance system in the location. We generate content from talks and presentations – live and on site. But we also develop editorial content before and after the event in various forms, from social media postings, interviews, banners to postcards – online and offline.

For each event, we emphasise its own character, address different target groups and thematically coordinate the design, including the annually changing key visuals.


• Marketing Consulting
• Corporate design development
• Social media
• Ads & banners
• Brochures, flyers, posters
• Illustration
• Guidance systems




One focus of CONEXIO’s communication is the social media channels. In 2019 alone, approximately 70 postings were published on various channels. In addition, 30 print ads and 160 online banners were launched. Here are a few examples:

E-car drives in the desert

Marketing and PR for myenergi

Logo myenergi

myenergi has developed a smart wallbox for the home that always fits and is already the market leader in the UK. The Wallbox, called zappi, is as simple as it is ingenious and enables charging with 100 % solar energy.


• Concept and strategy development
• Campaign management
• Design
• Press releases and distribution
• Professional articles
• Media planning
• Event organisation
• Journalist support
• Online Marketing
• Print

As lead agency for the DACH region, Sunbeam has developed a communication strategy that targets both B2B and B2C. We placed myenergi in print and online media with an advertising campaign and also get the start-up talked about to installers and end customers through PR such as trade articles and interviews. We develop a range of advertising materials, plan events and generate ideas on an ongoing basis to provide myenergi with the best possible support for its market entry.

myenergi 2023


myenergi gmbh


Renewable energies in municipalities

This brochure contains a selection of successful renewable energy solutions that are suitable for application in municipalities. Information on the most important sectors and the current state of the energy transition is explained, as well as different technology options and the possibilities for application in municipalities. The brochure also contains model projects that have been successfully implemented in Europe, the Russian Federation and Central Asia. It was produced in German, Russian and English.

Sunbeam developed the concept together with the German Energy Agency (dena) and was responsible for the editing, most of the illustrations and the design.


• Concept
• Text creation
• Editorial design
• Layout
• Picture editing
• Illustration
• Typesetting
• Project Management


Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena)


old woman listening with glass on her ear at the wall

New Energy World 2017 campaign

For the established industry congress Forum Solarpraxis | Neue Energiewelt we designed and implemented a B2B advertising campaign for print and online. The campaign was designed to activate both existing and new customers and encourage them to participate in the congress. In view of the large number of new competitor offers, the campaign was intended to present the conference as both a self-confident industry leader and “original” on the one hand, and to emphasise the innovative and new on the other.

Advertising motifs of the campaign

Since the majority of the competing events have a similar mix of topics and even identical speakers, we have opted for an emotional approach that ironically focuses on the real reasons for attending the conference. The informal ultimately beats the concrete transfer of knowledge or the obligatory look into the future becomes a look into the glass ball. The motifs trace the themes exaggeratedly, without completely tilting them into the grotesque – even if it seems absurd, the protagonists could still be serious about it.

The various motifs were implemented both as print ads and as banners in various formats and sizes.

Banner für Forum Solarpraxis 2017 Ganznahdran


• marketing concept advertising campaign
• layout


Solarpraxis AG

Contact person

Cover TESVOLT image brochure

Tesvolt Marketing Concept

For the young German battery manufacturer Tesvolt we created a comprehensive integrated marketing concept and implemented it with a bundle of measures. This includes a corporate design, concepts for PR, website and technical marketing as well as an advertising campaign and ongoing support.

Corporate Design

The big goal was to create an unmistakable brand presence that would convey the fresh appeal of the start-up on the one hand and reflect the solidity and reliability of Tesvolt products on the other. The striking corporate design creates this arch with the help of its spring green/white/grey colour palette, which gives the brand a high recognition value. The consistent use of the corporate design from letterhead to trade fair stand to promotional gifts has paid off for the brand and helped to make Tesvolt known in the market within a very short time.

Advertising image campaign in print and online media

The aim of the B2B image campaign was to make TESVOLT known in the market and to anchor it as a premium provider. The ads are always written in the “If…, then…” style. The advertising motifs focus on photos of people (users) who were usually able to solve a specific problem thanks to a test memory. A semi-transparent green color gradient overlays the ad motif and ensures an unmistakable appearance and high recognition value.


• marketing concept
• corporate design
• advertising campaign
• layout image brochure, data sheets, etc.
• booth
• illustrations
• screendesign website

TESVOLT-Stand auf der Intersolar 2018
TESVOLT, Intersolar 2018



Contact person

As part of our ongoing support, we support Tesvolt with PR services (global) and various marketing services such as media planning or the creation of campaigns, advertisements and banners.

TESVOLT Banner for the HV-70

Technical data sheets of TESVOLT products

Energis PV-Online calculator

logo Energis

The largest energy provider in Saarland, Energis, wanted to generate its own leads with the help of a PV computer. Energis chose the Sunbeam solar calculator. Thanks to the server-based architecture with API, Energis is able to deploy the computer on various landing pages and even provide it to its subsidiaries.

The implementation took place in a two-stage design. In this variant, users can first carry out a quick design and obtain an approximate result in just a few seconds. You then have the choice of either requesting a consultation or carrying out a detailed design independently using our Google Map module, which not only calculates the size of the available roof area, but also the exact orientation of the roof.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator


• Concept
• Engineering
• Calculations
• Interface design
• UX design
• Programming
• Responsive web design
• App development


energis GmbH

Contact person

Design tool for determining the roof pitch,

Based on the location and roof data, the PV calculator determines the specific irradiation and the optimum system size in the form of a suitable solar package. On this basis, the solar yield, various economic aspects and the rate of self-sufficiency and own consumption are then calculated.

Energis can adjust the default values (e. g. electricity price or consumption) as well as all variables (e. g. remuneration from the Renewable Energy Sources Act, module properties, etc.) in its own backend at any time.

PV yield data portal from Sunbeam Communications

Zebotec PV yield data portal


The company Zebotec takes over the management of larger PV systems as a service provider. It was looking for a way to provide investors or other users without a technical focus with access to plant information. All necessary information was available in the software for monitoring the systems.

However, since the use of this software requires training and costly licenses must be purchased for each user, we were commissioned to create an appropriate application that works with the existing data, is user-friendly, is limited to displaying the necessary data and minimizes the costs for additional users.


• concept
• engineering
• calculations
• interface design
• UX design
• programming
• Responsive Web Design

Yield data portal Screenshot on Laptop 6


zebotec GmbH

Contact person

As a result, we have programmed an application that visualises the yield data for various periods (year/month/day) and also provides information on the operating status of the plant. Each user can have access to any number of PV systems.

The server-based yield data portal is based on the existing software solution, but has its own user administration. Users can access the data via any web browser.

The interface is designed to be fully responsive so that the user can access it from any device (e.g. mobile phone, PC or tablet).

renewables – Made in Germany – Cover in 5 Sprachen, erstellt von Sunbeam.berlin | Kommunikation für die Neue Energiewelt

renewables – Made in Germany

Logo renewables made in Germany

The industry catalogue “renewables – Made in Germany” was published annually by the German Energy Agency (dena) as part of the BMWi’s Renewable Energy Export Initiative. The five-language publication provided information on various technologies and presented various German companies from all areas of renewable energy with their products and services.

Media data, website and double page Russian

Since the first edition in 2004, Sunbeam has maintained this publication and a corresponding website. She developed the content concept, editorial design and logo of the campaign. The data of the participating companies, the editing and translation of the contributions were managed and processed with an online editing system specially developed by Sunbeam. The content was published on the multilingual website via an XML interface.


• Concept
• Editorial office
• Editorial Design
• Layout
• Photography
• Picture editing
• Illustration
• Printing support
• Project management

renewables – Made in Germany – Cover in 5 Sprachen, erstellt von Sunbeam.berlin | Kommunikation für die Neue Energiewelt


Contact person

We have adapted our editorial design to dena’s highly changeable corporate design.