For the young German battery manufacturer Tesvolt we created a comprehensive integrated marketing concept and implemented it with a bundle of measures. This includes a corporate design, concepts for PR, website and technical marketing as well as an advertising campaign and ongoing support.

Corporate Design

The big goal was to create an unmistakable brand presence that would convey the fresh appeal of the start-up on the one hand and reflect the solidity and reliability of Tesvolt products on the other. The striking corporate design creates this arch with the help of its spring green/white/grey colour palette, which gives the brand a high recognition value. The consistent use of the corporate design from letterhead to trade fair stand to promotional gifts has paid off for the brand and helped to make Tesvolt known in the market within a very short time.

Advertising image campaign in print and online media

The aim of the B2B image campaign was to make TESVOLT known in the market and to anchor it as a premium provider. The ads are always written in the “If…, then…” style. The advertising motifs focus on photos of people (users) who were usually able to solve a specific problem thanks to a test memory. A semi-transparent green color gradient overlays the ad motif and ensures an unmistakable appearance and high recognition value.


• marketing concept
• corporate design
• advertising campaign
• layout image brochure, data sheets, etc.
• booth
• illustrations
• screendesign website

TESVOLT-Stand auf der Intersolar 2018
TESVOLT, Intersolar 2018



Contact person

As part of our ongoing support, we support Tesvolt with PR services (global) and various marketing services such as media planning or the creation of campaigns, advertisements and banners.

TESVOLT Banner for the HV-70

Technical data sheets of TESVOLT products