Speech is silver, but silence is not always gold.

We develop effective communication strategies. And implement them purposefully.

What messages are used to achieve the project or company goals? Which instruments from the digital and physical world are best used to convey them? And how do you get them into the right minds? We answer these questions in order to develop effective content for online and print. Credible, competent and always individually tailored to your needs.

When implementing communication strategies, it goes without saying that we combine PR and marketing disciplines in a meaningful way. In our toolbox you will find classic press work as well as content marketing and native advertising. All of this, of course, is consistently coordinated with your product and corporate marketing.

Public Relations

• strategy and consulting
• B2B | B2C
• online PR
• international PR

Editorial Work

• technical articles
• advertorials
• press releases
• social media content

Content Marketing

• strategy and consulting
• content production
• content seeding
• evaluation

picture editing

• photography
• infographics
• picture procurement
• image processing

press trend

• media analysis
• energy
• around 200 media
• daily newsletter

social media

• strategy and consulting
• editorial office and content
• community management
• advertising
• social media campaigns
• analysis

What distinguishes our work

market insight

Real market knowledge is acquired through experience – and this is precisely what distinguishes us: Our team has been at home in the energy market for 20 years. We know the players and technical basics and have an eye for the essentials. This enables us to familiarize ourselves more quickly with new topics and thus save you a lot of time and effort.


We ensure that you can fully exploit your strengths. We analyse your profile and strengthen it with meaningful communication measures. No marketing blabla but tangible, pragmatic and result-oriented PR that shows success.

A look at the big picture

Technology PR is our passion. But PR alone cannot do everything and plays with marketing and sales in one team. That’s why we always think outside the box and make sure that our work fits seamlessly into digital and “classic” marketing.


Targeted and effective PR work requires a broad range of skills. In addition to our permanently employed team, we can therefore call on specialist communications experts as required. So you can be sure that you will always receive the tailor-made solution for your task.

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