How do you win over craftsmen for a digital roadshow?

Electrical craftsman can not complain about lack of orders or idle time. At the same time, it is being wooed by many manufacturers, who want the tradesman to become a specialist partner for their own product.

Expectations surpassed

Our customer TESVOLT also wanted to win new trade partners with its digital roadshow “TESVOLT Euro Tour” – across Europe. Not only did we succeed, but our client’s conversion target was far exceeded: 1,244 tradespeople registered for the digital roadshow via a well thought-out sales funnel and media mix, and 182 of them became trade partners directly afterwards. In the campaign year 2020, TESVOLT was also able to increase its sales by more than 50% compared to the previous year.


This also convinced the GWA Effie Award jury, which awarded a silver B2B Effie – the Oscar of the marketing industry – for the campaign in Germany in the “Activation” category.

Who reads where what

Sunbeam was responsible for all media planning in ten European countries. Since the electrical trade is the target group of many of our customers, we know which trade media are mainly read by them. At the same time, we have long-established contacts with the publishers of the important media. This has enabled us to negotiate prominent placements in print and online media at the best prices. This and the right channels contributed significantly to the efficiency of the campaign – and efficiency is a decisive award criterion for the Effie Award, the prize for efficient brand communication. We provided additional reach with PR and advertorials.

The best out of it

The RosenbauerSolbach advertising agency was responsible for the successful marketing campaign. Hand in hand, we brought out the best for TESVOLT and thank all those involved who contributed to this impressive success.

This is what our client says

„Sunbeam simply knows what tradespeople read and how to reach them. We’ve been working with the Berlin team since our inception for a reason; they simply know the renewables industry very well. The top placements in the right media and the PR around the campaign contributed quite significantly to the success of our roadshow.“

Thomas Franken, Marketing & Strategic Expansion at TESVOLT

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