Integrated communication

Well thought-out marketing from A-Z.

Whether it’s an individual measure or a campaign: every contact with a company, a product or a service offer shapes the brand experience. That’s why we always have the entire Customer Journey in mind and rely on the concept of integrated marketing communication. Our specialist disciplines are PR, advertising, design, technical marketing and content marketing.

Marketing planning

The basis for good business.

Mark Twain coined an aphorism over 100 years ago: “After losing sight of the goal, we doubled our efforts.” An experience that we are happy to spare our customers (and ourselves). For this reason, marketing planning based on expertise, creativity and project management competence is the key to our team’s success.

Technical Marketing

From technical documentation to software tools.

Technical Marketing combines a multitude of topics in the intersection of engineering activities, corporate communications and classic marketing. These include technical documentation, training slides, technical support and product-related software tools for end customers or other stakeholders.

For example, we can help you to turn the “necessary evil” assembly instructions into a useful marketing tool. Suppliers of PV systems or battery storage systems can use our online solar calculator for lead generation or use our yield data portal as a means of long-term customer loyalty.


Bigger and more powerful.

Many areas of marketing – such as online marketing – are developing at an ever-increasing rate. At the same time, more and more specialist knowledge is being generated that is essential for successful implementation within a short period of time. For this reason, we do not offer certain services ourselves, but work together with partners from our network to offer you a complete range of services in optimum quality from one source.

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