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The largest energy provider in Saarland, Energis, wanted to generate its own leads with the help of a PV computer. Energis chose the Sunbeam solar calculator. Thanks to the server-based architecture with API, Energis is able to deploy the computer on various landing pages and even provide it to its subsidiaries.

The implementation took place in a two-stage design. In this variant, users can first carry out a quick design and obtain an approximate result in just a few seconds. You then have the choice of either requesting a consultation or carrying out a detailed design independently using our Google Map module, which not only calculates the size of the available roof area, but also the exact orientation of the roof.

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Design tool for determining the roof pitch,

Based on the location and roof data, the PV calculator determines the specific irradiation and the optimum system size in the form of a suitable solar package. On this basis, the solar yield, various economic aspects and the rate of self-sufficiency and own consumption are then calculated.

Energis can adjust the default values (e. g. electricity price or consumption) as well as all variables (e. g. remuneration from the Renewable Energy Sources Act, module properties, etc.) in its own backend at any time.