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Why Twitter, Instagram & Co Pay off for Your Company, Too

Your company’s own social media channels open up new possibilities for building a personal relationship with your target groups. Because behind every company there are people who use social networks to exchange their interests not only privately but also professionally. With authentic content, you can reach them directly where they are.
Strategic communication on social media offers B2B companies four major long-term advantages:

• establish personal contact with potential clients, stakeholders, and multipliers
• increase visibility and name recognition of the company
• discover and follow current changes and developments in the industry in real time
• get to know your own target groups better through analyses on social media

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Spontaneous, Creative, But Always with Foresight

Content That Reaches Your Target Groups

Most companies have more to say than they think. As part of a well thought-out communications strategy, social media overlaps with PR, marketing, service, sales and HR. The challenge is to stand out in the flood of information in order to be seen by the target groups. Therefore, it is important to always create the most relevant content for the matching target group on the right channel in order to generate interactions.

Always in Touch with the Target Group

How to Build a Network on Social Media

On social networks, users with a wide variety of interests can be found. The platforms can be used to establish direct and easy contact with potential clients and employees, stakeholders and multipliers – including journalists, politicians and influencers. The interaction and exchange with them increases the visibility and thus the name recognition of the company. At the same time, companies always stay informed about current changes and developments in the industry.

Everything under Control without Micromanagement

You Provide Us with Input, We Turn It into Content

Companies should update their social media channels several times a week. Comments and messages from other users require a timely response. We make it easy for you: We create appealing content from the news and materials you provide – always in line with the agreed communication strategy. How much you are involved in the process is up to you – and of course nothing is posted without your approval. So you always have everything under control with just a few clicks but nothing on your to do list.

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