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The industry catalogue “renewables – Made in Germany” was published annually by the German Energy Agency (dena) as part of the BMWi’s Renewable Energy Export Initiative. The five-language publication provided information on various technologies and presented various German companies from all areas of renewable energy with their products and services.

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Since the first edition in 2004, Sunbeam has maintained this publication and a corresponding website. She developed the content concept, editorial design and logo of the campaign. The data of the participating companies, the editing and translation of the contributions were managed and processed with an online editing system specially developed by Sunbeam. The content was published on the multilingual website via an XML interface.


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• Editorial office
• Editorial Design
• Layout
• Photography
• Picture editing
• Illustration
• Printing support
• Project management

renewables – Made in Germany – Cover in 5 Sprachen, erstellt von Sunbeam.berlin | Kommunikation für die Neue Energiewelt


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We have adapted our editorial design to dena’s highly changeable corporate design.