CONEXIO is one of the most important event organisers in the field of renewable energies. For several years, Sunbeam has been supporting CONEXIO with strategy, PR, social media and ongoing support in the design and creation of all event materials from giveaways to the guidance system in the location. We generate content from talks and presentations – live and on site. But we also develop editorial content before and after the event in various forms, from social media postings, interviews, banners to postcards – online and offline.

For each event, we emphasise its own character, address different target groups and thematically coordinate the design, including the annually changing key visuals.


• Marketing Consulting
• Corporate design development
• Social media
• Ads & banners
• Brochures, flyers, posters
• Illustration
• Guidance systems




One focus of CONEXIO’s communication is the social media channels. In 2019 alone, approximately 70 postings were published on various channels. In addition, 30 print ads and 160 online banners were launched. Here are a few examples: