Corporate Design

From Logos to Campaigns

The corporate design contains the definitions of all design principles of all means of communication and, if applicable, products of a company.
We create or revise a corporate design on the basis of the current marketing or communication concept or, if available, the corporate identity. In order to give our customers the opportunity to work together with different service providers in a cost-efficient manner, we create a so-called style guide, which documents the design principles, or immediately usable program templates.


From Flyers to Reference Books

Not only can we do pretty, we can also do sophisticated. Whether it’s a reference book, technical documentation, or magazine, we have a lot of experience with a wide variety of media. Of course, we also work crossmedially and, if necessary, supervise the printing process.


From Apps to Websites

A good look does not make a website successful. Besides aesthetics and content, a good UX design* is decisive for whether customers like to use a website or not. For us, the design of a website is therefore the result of a complex development process that combines a precise target group orientation with optimal functionality and your corporate design.
* UX stands for User Experience.


From Explanatory Graphics to Technical Illustrations

Making complex facts easy to understand – that is our strength. We adapt the style of the illustrations to the needs of the target group as well as the corporate design of the client and the media.

Product Design

From Casings to User Interfaces

We design the appearance of your products as well as graphical user interfaces. UX and corporate design set the tone. Cost efficiency and technical practicability are our main focus right from the start.

References Design