The company Zebotec takes over the management of larger PV systems as a service provider. It was looking for a way to provide investors or other users without a technical focus with access to plant information. All necessary information was available in the software for monitoring the systems.

However, since the use of this software requires training and costly licenses must be purchased for each user, we were commissioned to create an appropriate application that works with the existing data, is user-friendly, is limited to displaying the necessary data and minimizes the costs for additional users.


• concept
• engineering
• calculations
• interface design
• UX design
• programming
• Responsive Web Design

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As a result, we have programmed an application that visualises the yield data for various periods (year/month/day) and also provides information on the operating status of the plant. Each user can have access to any number of PV systems.

The server-based yield data portal is based on the existing software solution, but has its own user administration. Users can access the data via any web browser.

The interface is designed to be fully responsive so that the user can access it from any device (e.g. mobile phone, PC or tablet).