HiTHIUM - global market launch

Founded in 2019, stationary energy storage manufacturer Hithium first began shipping battery products in 2022.

They asked for our support when they decided to enter the global market and launch a new global brand identity, introducing it worldwide starting at EES/Intersolar 2023 in Munich.

We were tasked in February 2023 with identifying, designing, and launching Hithium’s global brand in four months, with the new global website to go live in mid-May, a month before the EES trade fair.

With our expertise in brand-building, marketing, and communications in the renewable energy sector, we were able to take on this enormous challenge successfully.

We were aided by the clarity of Hithium’s requests, fast and agile workflows and decision-making, and their authentically open, cooperative corporate culture! In fact, that culture inspired the first iteration of the global brand identity. Through 2023 we built on the initial brand-building, website, and trade fair work together to provide Hithium with a full palette of marketing and communications support.

Our services for HiTHIUM

Global brand identity

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand personality
  • Corporate design with manual and templates
  • Key visuals, photos, and strategic messaging
  • Website (in English, German, and Italian):


  • Print and online advertising campaign
  • Product documents, such as data sheets
  • Photos and videos: Concept, strategy, content and production management
  • Speaker slots in high-level events, e.g. PV Magazine Roundtable Europe
  • Events: concepts and content, such as backdrops, merchandising, speeches

Global PR

  • Communication concept
  • Press releases
  • Creation of various texts and content
  • Crisis communications guidelines and consulting
  • Intercultural communication consulting
  • Social Media Posts

Bloomberg BNEF’s “Energy Storage System Cost Survey 2023,” published 26. December 2023, provides one metric of our success: In just over half a year after their global market entry, Hithium was already known and ranked as bankable by 37% of industry professionals surveyed.

Trade fair and interview films

Please also visit the HiTHIUM website: https://hithium.com/en/

Print design

collage aus verschiedenen Bildern der Heizungsindustrie

PR & Social Media BDH

The Federation of the German Heating Industry (BDH) represents 121 member companies that generate around 22 billion euros per year internationally and employ 87,000 people. The association is committed to the heating transition and works to represent the positions of the heating industry in political discourse and policy development. In particular, the BDH supports maintaining a broad range of technical solutions in the heating market as well as the use of all CO2-free and climate-neutral energy sources.


– PR consulting and communications strategy
– Development of the association’s positions und communications
– Managing social media
– Supporting media relations
– Optimization of infographics

Diagramm zu der Marktentwicklung Wärmeerzeugern

We support BDH in improving its public presence and reach and communicating its messages effectively, regularly strengthening the foundation by working with the association to develop its positioning and messages. We also manage the BDH’s social media accounts and provide support with press and media relations.

Social Media


Der Bundesverband der Deutschen Heizungsindustrie (BDH)


Marketing and PR for SMARTFOX

Households only use around 30 percent of the solar power from their roof themselves, the rest is uneconomically fed into the power grid. With the intelligent energy management system from SMARTFOX, however, homeowners can use up to 98 percent of their solar power themselves – and also save around 40 percent on heating costs.
The energy manager is compatible with devices from other manufacturers. And fits perfectly with the wallboxes and heating elements from SMARTFOX.

Our services

  • Developemnt of marketing and PR strategy
  • Campain management
  • Online marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Creation of marketing material
  • Exhibition stand concept
  • Public relations
  • Media planning
  • Website development




Press contact

Marketing and PR for SMARTFOX

As the lead agency for the German market, Sunbeam has developed a communication strategy that targets both B2B and B2C. With press work and posts on LinkedIn and Facebook, we get SMARTFOX talked about among installers and homeowners. We develop advertising material, create advertisements and are constantly coming up with ideas on how we can help SMARTFOX attract new specialist partners and collect end customer leads.

Information flyer for installers and wholesalers

Banner Ads

Social Media Ads

Mobile exhibition stand

Simulation eines Messestands in rot

A man standing on a wind turbine

Marketing and PR for RES

We have developed a communication strategy for Germany that is aimed at municipalities and landowners, but also at residents living near wind and solar parks. With marketing and PR, we ensure that RES becomes better known in Germany and show that RES also has the concerns of the region in mind with every planned plant. We rely on press releases and technical articles, various advertising formats and open communication with local citizens.


• Concept and strategy development
• Campaign management
• Press releases and distribution
• Press monitoring
• media planning
• Event organisation
• Journalist support
• Online marketing

RES is the world’s largest independent renewable energy company. RES Group has built solar and wind farms with a total capacity of more than 21 gigawatts and also manages and maintains many plants around the world.

Effie Award

How do you win over craftsmen for a digital roadshow?

Electrical craftsman can not complain about lack of orders or idle time. At the same time, it is being wooed by many manufacturers, who want the tradesman to become a specialist partner for their own product.

Expectations surpassed

Our customer TESVOLT also wanted to win new trade partners with its digital roadshow “TESVOLT Euro Tour” – across Europe. Not only did we succeed, but our client’s conversion target was far exceeded: 1,244 tradespeople registered for the digital roadshow via a well thought-out sales funnel and media mix, and 182 of them became trade partners directly afterwards. In the campaign year 2020, TESVOLT was also able to increase its sales by more than 50% compared to the previous year.


This also convinced the GWA Effie Award jury, which awarded a silver B2B Effie – the Oscar of the marketing industry – for the campaign in Germany in the “Activation” category.

Who reads where what

Sunbeam was responsible for all media planning in ten European countries. Since the electrical trade is the target group of many of our customers, we know which trade media are mainly read by them. At the same time, we have long-established contacts with the publishers of the important media. This has enabled us to negotiate prominent placements in print and online media at the best prices. This and the right channels contributed significantly to the efficiency of the campaign – and efficiency is a decisive award criterion for the Effie Award, the prize for efficient brand communication. We provided additional reach with PR and advertorials.

The best out of it

The RosenbauerSolbach advertising agency was responsible for the successful marketing campaign. Hand in hand, we brought out the best for TESVOLT and thank all those involved who contributed to this impressive success.

This is what our client says

„Sunbeam simply knows what tradespeople read and how to reach them. We’ve been working with the Berlin team since our inception for a reason; they simply know the renewables industry very well. The top placements in the right media and the PR around the campaign contributed quite significantly to the success of our roadshow.“

Thomas Franken, Marketing & Strategic Expansion at TESVOLT

You want to know how we can support you with marketing and PR?


Contact us!




E-car drives in the desert

Marketing and PR for myenergi

Logo myenergi

myenergi has developed a smart wallbox for the home that always fits and is already the market leader in the UK. The Wallbox, called zappi, is as simple as it is ingenious and enables charging with 100 % solar energy.


• Concept and strategy development
• Campaign management
• Design
• Press releases and distribution
• Professional articles
• Media planning
• Event organisation
• Journalist support
• Online Marketing
• Print

As lead agency for the DACH region, Sunbeam has developed a communication strategy that targets both B2B and B2C. We placed myenergi in print and online media with an advertising campaign and also get the start-up talked about to installers and end customers through PR such as trade articles and interviews. We develop a range of advertising materials, plan events and generate ideas on an ongoing basis to provide myenergi with the best possible support for its market entry.

myenergi 2023


myenergi gmbh




DHYBRID plans and builds microgrids worldwide – intelligent local grids that can be used to supply islands, resorts, industries and even entire regions with renewable energy reliably and without interruption. For this purpose, the technology company has developed its own software and hardware platform, which is used in over 70 projects worldwide.

Sunbeam assists DHYBRID with international press relations, designs whitepapers and guides, and creates infographics that showcase projects and their results.


• PR strategy
• Editing
• International press release distribution
• Infographics
• Press monitoring


DHYBRID Power Systems GmbH

Contact person

Batteriesystem mit Logo von Ecocoach

PR for ecocoach

In private homes, multi-storey residential buildings and commercial properties, the connection of building automation, smart home, energy system and electric mobility is on the rise. Ecocoach has developed a system that allows installers, residents of private homes and companies to take advantage of all the benefits of integration easily and conveniently. We support the company with classic PR measures and develop content marketing measures in which advertising and multi-level content strategies are intertwined.


• PR strategy
• Content Marketing
• Social Media Consulting
• White papers
• Professional articles
• Press releases
• Trade fair PR
• International PR

Die Überwachung aller Energieströme im Haus erfolgt mit ecocoach intuitiv.

The guide „Speicher, Gebäudeautomation und E-Mobility verbinden“ is aimed at installers and planners. It summarizes what is important in systems that combine smart home, photovoltaics, electricity storage and e-mobility. The Sunbeam team developed and produced the 15-page PDF and designed the associated content marketing campaign, which included landing pages, PR and content-based advertising in trade media and social media. More information here.

Installation des ecocoach-Systems mit graphischer Oberfläche, Bildquelle: ecocoach
Installation des ecocoach-Systems mit graphischer Oberfläche, Bildquelle: ecocoach


ecocoach AG

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Vollelektrischer E-Truck E-Force-EF18_SZM mit ecovolta-Traktionsbatterie

ecovolta PR

Ecovolta Logo

ecovolta is a Swiss technology company specializing in the development and production of high-performance battery systems and eMobility solutions. We consult ecovolta in all questions of online and offline corporate communications, design PR measures and implement them. To do so, we work with media and target groups from different industry segments such as boat building, vehicle construction and logistics.


• PR strategy
• International PR
• online PR
• event PR
• editorial office

The focus of ecovolta is on electromobility. The patented construction principle of ecovolta battery systems enables fully automated series production of high-current batteries that do not require active cooling. Battery and drive solutions are developed and tested in the company’s own research and development department. ecovolta is a division of the technology company ecocoach AG and is headquartered in Brunnen, where the ecovolta Swissfactory manufacturing plant is also located.

Vollelektrische Yacht E-Commuter mit ecovolta-Traktionsbatterie



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Presentation of the campaign »Unser Einer – Mach mit!«

Campaign »Unser Ener – Mach mit!«

Logo der Kampagne

The campaign »Unser Einer – Mach mit!« (“Our One – Join in!”) of the Ministry for environment, forests and consumer protection in Rhineland-Palatinate informed owners of private homes and owners of building owners in Rhineland-Palatinate about energy-efficient building & reorganization and energized to it to go through.

Sunbeam was responsible for PR consulting, editing of technical information and editorial work. In addition, we worked with the Ministry to build a network of energy consultants, consumer centres, craftsmen’s guilds, and chambers of engineers and architects that met several times a year and actively supported the campaign.

Services PR

• PR consulting
• professional articles
• Editing of the website
• Establishment and moderation of a network of energy consultants, consumer centres, tradesmen’s guilds and chambers of engineers and architects

Presentation of the campaign »Unser Einer – Mach mit!«

Environment Minister Margit Conrad at the presentation of the campaign “Unser Ener – Mach mit!”


Ministerium für Umwelt, Forsten und Verbraucherschutz in Rheinland-Pfalz

Contact person


The climate goals of the German Federal Government cannot be achieved without increasing the efficiency of buildings. At the same time, the renovation rate has been stagnating for years. According to the principle that “every house is different”, the »Unser Einer« campaign should reduce information deficits and lower the hurdles to finding out about subsidy programmes and the energetic optimisation of buildings.


To sensitize homeowners and building owners in Rhineland-Palatinate to the topic of energy efficiency in construction and to inform them about the possibilities of refurbishment and new construction, to establish a network of multipliers.


• Development and support Our energy partner network
• Nationwide action days: project management, support of the organisers, preparation of individual press releases, launch of contributions
• Our Ener Competition: Conducting a competition for homeowners, supervising the jury, reviewing the competition entries – Additional action: Solarinitiative 2015 zur Förderung von Photovoltaik und Solarthermie (Solar Initiative 2015 for the Promotion of Photovoltaics and Solar Thermal Energy)


The number of individual measures of energy-related building modernisation promoted by KfW in Rhineland-Palatinate almost tripled between 2007 and 2009. Whereas in 2007 there were 1,339 individual measures supported, in 2009 the figure had already risen to 3,303. From 2006 to September 2010 KfW’s programmes triggered a total financing volume of EUR 1.74 billion in the state.

Print ads of the campaign

Simply click through the information brochure


For the ambitious EU project “SmartFlex Solar Facades”, Sunbeam provides several services from a single source: We are responsible for pan-European public relations and supervise workshops in which the project results are discussed and solar prototypes are tested. Also the design for the SmartFlex marketing materials and the design of the website in a modern, responsive design as well as the content of the site is in our hands.

Services PR

• PR strategy
• International PR
• Event organization
• Press conferences
• Press monitoring
• Online PR
• Professional articles
• Support for journalists
• Editorial office


Services Design

• Corporate Design
• Logos and icons
• Layout
• Photography
• Illustration
• Picture editing
• Web design
• Responsive Design

SmartFlex “enables individually designed solar facades in a wide range of colours and shapes that are produced on an industrial scale. Using the SmartFlex software, architects can plan their facades simply and intuitively and then transfer the data directly to a production line. The first production line for tailor-made solar façades is located in Vilnius, Lithuania, in the factory of the solar module manufacturer Via Solis.

Smart-Flex advertisement


European Union

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Sunbeam developed corporate design, logo, concept and text for website, flyers, advertisements, banners and rollups. The leaflet in an unusual format is used by the project partners to inspire façade builders and architects for the idea of flexible and economical solar façades.


Sunbeam is responsible for PR at the Munich-based technology company Elcore. Elcore develops and produces highly efficient energy systems based on state-of-the-art fuel cell technology. The agency advises Elcore, plans and organizes the company’s press relations and supervises the editing of press releases.


• PR strategy
• Editorial office
• Support for journalists
• Professional articles
• Media planning
• Event organization
• Press monitoring

Elcore produces the first electricity-generating heating system that generates only as much heat as a conventional single-family home needs. Previous solutions are only economical if there is a high heat demand. In contrast, the Elcore energy system with the fuel cell CHP Elcore 2400 is suitable for all existing or newly built homes. It enables complete heating solutions with procurement and operating costs far below those of comparable electricity-generating heating systems.


Elcore GmbH

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