For the ambitious EU project “SmartFlex Solar Facades”, Sunbeam provides several services from a single source: We are responsible for pan-European public relations and supervise workshops in which the project results are discussed and solar prototypes are tested. Also the design for the SmartFlex marketing materials and the design of the website in a modern, responsive design as well as the content of the site is in our hands.

Services PR

• PR strategy
• International PR
• Event organization
• Press conferences
• Press monitoring
• Online PR
• Professional articles
• Support for journalists
• Editorial office


Services Design

• Corporate Design
• Logos and icons
• Layout
• Photography
• Illustration
• Picture editing
• Web design
• Responsive Design

SmartFlex “enables individually designed solar facades in a wide range of colours and shapes that are produced on an industrial scale. Using the SmartFlex software, architects can plan their facades simply and intuitively and then transfer the data directly to a production line. The first production line for tailor-made solar façades is located in Vilnius, Lithuania, in the factory of the solar module manufacturer Via Solis.

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Sunbeam developed corporate design, logo, concept and text for website, flyers, advertisements, banners and rollups. The leaflet in an unusual format is used by the project partners to inspire façade builders and architects for the idea of flexible and economical solar façades.