Sunbeam supports the worldwide press work of the international solar company Vikram Solar. The tasks include consulting, conception and editing of press texts and translation work.


• PR strategy
• Editorial office
• Support for journalists
• International PR
• Online PR
• Professional articles
• Press monitoring


As a leading provider of solar energy solutions, Vikram Solar specializes in the production of highly efficient solar modules and comprehensive EPC solutions. Since 2006, the company has continued the success story of the Vikram Group, which looks back on 40 years of manufacturing experience. With representatives in more than 32 countries, Vikram Solar makes an active contribution to promoting the solar revolution. The products of the Tier 1 PV module manufacturer (Bloomberg Ranking) meet the highest quality, reliability and performance standards. In its role as a fully forward integrated EPC company, Vikram Solar uses world-class technology to implement its solar projects.


Vikram Solar

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