Sunbeam has produced a short film for the knowledge service provider Solarpraxis and the trade magazine pv magazine, which shows the next necessary steps to achieve the energy transition.

The almost six-minute animation video “Shaping the energy transition – seizing opportunities” answers the following questions in a simple and understandable way: How can the energy transition be made more equitable? How to create a fair energy market? How can electricity grids be modernized in a meaningful way?


• Content concept
• Storyboard
• Motion Design
• Animation

In order to make the complex subject as clear as possible, the short film uses simple recognizable elements. The individual actors are created in Illustrator and Photoshop. The animation was realized with After Effects.

The film is aimed at a broad public and was shown for the first time at the 11th Forum Solarpraxis as part of a speech by Karl-Heiz Remmers.

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