The regional energy supplier Rheinenergie had already decided in 2015 to use one of our solar computers as the lead generator for its own homepage. In 2017 an update to the latest server-based variant with API took place. In addition to higher performance and ease of maintenance, the new version also offers a backend in which Rheinenergie can independently adjust the default values (e. g. electricity price or consumption) as well as all variables (e. g. remuneration form the Renewable Energy Sources Act, module properties, etc.) at any time. In addition, the design and calculation of battery memories has been integrated.


• Concept
• engineering
• Calculations
• interface design
• Programming
• Responsive web design
• App development


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PV online calculator

The users first design the PV system. The result gives the user the possibility to add a battery storage device.
On the basis of the location and roof data, the PV calculator first determines the irradiation and recommends a suitable solar package based on the consumption data.

On the basis of the proposed solar package, the solar yield, various economic aspects and the rate of self-sufficiency and own consumption are calculated. The latter values are visualized using live diagrams.

If the user has added a storage tank, the lease rate as well as yield and profitability calculations are recalculated on the basis of the user data on consumption and usage profile as well as the calculated yield data of the PV system.