PRESS RELEASE – Ellwangen, 5. Mai 2022:

VARTA.wall is the start of a new product generation for energy self-sufficient living.

VARTA is presenting the completely new high-performance energy storage system VARTA.wall at Smarter E Europe. Its newly developed die-cast aluminum housing with an installation depth of just ten centimeters makes it one of the most space-saving storage systems on the German market. A special boost function increases the security of supply in emergency power mode. The storage system is the first element of a new VARTA product generation for energy self-sufficient living, which will be expanded with additional devices and services in the coming months.

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Peter Werner, General Manager Energy Storage Systems: „VARTA.wall stands for VARTA’s development and design expertise. This new storage device is based on the experience and technology commitment from 135 years of VARTA’s company history. It heralds a generation change in our stationary storage systems.

High performance even in emergency power mode

VARTA.wall was developed in Germany, is produced in Europe and is the first high-voltage storage system from VARTA with a capacity of ten to 20 kilowatt hours. Depending on the inverter used, the power is between 5.24 kW and 10.4 kW. Up to five systems can be operated in parallel.

The storage system is capable of providing emergency power and can supply the entire house with electricity in the event of a grid failure. A boost function increases the discharge rate (C rate), which is 0.5 in continuous operation, to 0.75 for a short time. This enables the storage system to absorb peak loads, such as those that occur when electronic devices are started.

Extremely flexible and easy installation

Dominik Gluba, Head of Operations Energy Storage Systems: „During the development, the focus was on our specialist partners’ desire for flexible and simple installation. This starts with the inverter compatibility, continues with the modularity and also includes the innovative module design and connector system. This allows the storage system to be installed in under 30 minutes.

VARTA.wall is compatible with various market-leading inverter brands, including the market leader SMA, which is also the launch partner of the new storage system, and Kostal. Further compatibilities are in preparation. Thanks to its modular design, the storage device is also suitable for a wide variety of system configurations. The VARTA connector system ensures that the system components do not have to be wired.

New product family for energy self-sufficient living

In the coming months, VARTA will be launching further devices and services for energy self-sufficient living. This will include a wall box and a separate electricity tariff. The company is thus establishing itself as a partner for all households that are promoting their own energy transition.

VARTA will be presenting its energy storage systems from 11th to 13th May at Smarter E Europe in Munich in Hall B1, Stand 210.


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