PRESS RELEASE – Memmingen, 4. Mai 2022:

Relaunch of monitoring portal rounds off range of devices on display //

For the first time, KATEK Memmingen GmbH will show the new three-phase Steca hybrid inverter, the StecaGrid Hybrid 10023_3, with 10 kW inverter power, which can also be achieved in battery mode, at the 2022 Intersolar. At the same time, KATEK has also completely redesigned its Steca sunCloud monitoring portal. The portal now has a new interface and also supports hybrid systems. The StecaGrid Hybrid 10023_3 is the first product from a new product and development division for Steca hybrid inverters, which was created by KATEK last year.

You can find press photos here: Pictures for press release „KATEK presents new three-phase Steca hybrid inverter at the Intersolar“

High efficiency and standby power compatibility

The new Steca hybrid inverter has a maximum efficiency of over 98 percent and outstanding partial load operation capability. Two MPP trackers enable flexible system design.

In combination with the optional StecaGrid switch, the device can shut off a home from the grid if there is a power failure and convert to standby power mode. This system solution ensures that the hybrid inverter supplies all three phases in the home grid, making it possible to continue to use all end devices without any problem.

Clever overall concept

With its passive cooling, the StecaGrid Hybrid 10023_3 is designed for particularly low-maintenance, low-noise operation: thanks to the ventilator-free design, the hybrid inverter is functional without any moving parts. As a result, defects are avoided, and no cleaning work is required. There is also no noise from fans. The integrated grid and system protection simplifies installation and reduces installation costs.

With our new hybrid inverter, we are delivering the right device for modern, energy-independent homes. With its high efficiency, ability to operate using standby power and simple installation, it is a typical example of the high quality of KATEK power electronics, with which we achieved an annual turnover growth of over 30 percent last year“, Klauspeter Bader, Managing Director of KATEK Memmingen, explains.


The KATEK Group, which operates internationally, is one of the leading electronics service providers in Europe. The range of services covers the entire life cycle of electronic assemblies and devices, from development to material and project management, to production, test technology and logistics and after-sales service. The company currently employs around 2,800 staff at over 15 locations.

The “Steca – A KATEK Brand” has been a KATEK brand since 2019. The division develops and produces high-end power electronics for grid inverters and energy storage devices, as well as regulation technology for photovoltaic systems and fuel cell systems.
With a history going back 45 years, the company is one of the pioneers of the renewable energy industry in Germany.

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