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E-Spatz with Tesvolt technology wins award //

The Spatz, the tried and tested work vessel of the German Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration (WSV), was the first work vessel to be equipped with an electric drive. Tesvolt supplied the battery storage system for this and worked closely with shipping manufacturers to tailor the ship’s electric propulsion system to its needs. Now the “E-Spatz” has been awarded the title “Inland Ship of the Year”. In the coming years, 100 more work vessels in the Spatz fleet are to be equipped with zero-emission engines.

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Flagship project for clean waterways and climate protection

“There is no alternative to the electrification of shipping on the path to cleaner waters and reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. Shipping’s potential to meet climate targets is still underestimated. In fact, there are many applications for electric drives in inland navigation,” says Michael Miebach, Business Development Manager Maritime Solutions at Tesvolt. The Hansa editorial team’s “Inland Ship of the Year” award honours not only the technological achievements of the E-Spatz but also the commitment and collaboration of all the companies involved and the WSV in this pioneering project.

To tailor electric ship propulsion to the needs of the E-Spatz, Tesvolt has worked with Kadlec & Brödlin, one of the oldest marine integrators, and with Jastram, a supplier of high-quality rudder propellers. All components for the propulsion system are perfectly coordinated with each other. The electrification of the Spatz was carried out by the Bolle shipyard from Saxony-Anhalt.

One charge is enough for three days

The work vessel with its innovative propulsion system ensures traffic safety on the rivers and canals of the west German canal network. Construction and maintenance work on the waterways is just as much a part of its duties as bearing work. Unlike its diesel-powered predecessor, the E-Spatz is powered solely by two 80 kW (109 hp) electric motors. The batteries have a capacity of 980 kWh. There are seven water-cooled battery modules with a capacity of 10 kWh each arranged in 14 racks. Each of the 98 modules is constantly monitored by the battery management system. This ensures that the temperature, state of charge and health of the built-in cells is always clear. The batteries are charged at night via a shore power cable connection with a maximum output of 125 A located at the rear of the E-Spatz. Depending on the type of work, the E-Spatz can be operated for up to three days on a single battery charge.

Launch of a future-oriented fleet

With more than 600 vessels, WSV is the largest inland shipowner in Germany. The WSV currently operates around 130 vessels of the Spatz class alone, which will be fitted with zero-emission propulsion systems in the future. The first E-Spatz marks the beginning of a new generation of environmentally friendly ships.

Maximum storage capacity in a small space

“A real advantage for our shipping customers is that our energy storage systems are considerably lighter than conventional ones, thanks to their high energy density of 6.5 kg per kWh. This is particularly important for ships, as it allows a higher-capacity battery storage system to be installed. This means that ships have a correspondingly longer range and can cover further distances electrically,” says Kilian Hoffmann, Business Development Manager for Maritime Solutions at Tesvolt. Tesvolt’s DNV-certified battery storage systems are also among the safest on the market thanks to their integrated fire suppression system.

About Tesvolt AG – Maritime Solutions

With its Maritime Solutions division, Tesvolt AG is a leading provider of innovative energy storage solutions for the maritime industry. The company is developing advanced lithium-ion battery systems for a zero-emission future for the shipping industry. Maritime Solutions is an important part of Tesvolt AG, one of the innovation and market leaders for commercial and industrial energy storage solutions in Germany and Europe. The innovative company produces intelligent lithium storage systems with capacities ranging from 10 kWh through to many MWh.


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