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Solar technology companies KATEK and Odyssey Energy Solutions are cooperating on inverter monitoring. Users of Steca Solarix PLI off-grid inverters can deploy Odyssey’s new software solution FernLite to monitor and configure their devices. A new update to the solution also enables mobile service teams to easily monitor decentralised off-grid installations using mobile devices, particularly relevant for photovoltaic systems located in remote regions.


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Fernlite scales up monitoring and data management

The Steca Solarix PLI by KATEK Memmingen is designed to be an all-in-one solution. It supplies consumers with 230 V AC, charges batteries with an integrated MPPT charge controller, and enables the connection to the power grid — or to a generator, for fully off-grid installations. With its monitoring and even large-scale data management capabilities, the FernLite monitoring solution effectively complements off-grid inverters like the Solarix PLI.

“For comprehensive monitoring, our customers need a website that displays the most common parameters of systems with several inverters,” says Javier Rodriguez, Director of Steca Ibérica, Steca’s Spanish distributor. “With FernLite, they can easily view a flowchart of the entire system and retrieve various consumption graphs, battery charge levels, and other system parameters.”

FernLite also allows users to configure inverters remotely and to choose between different notification options. The system is available in English, Spanish, and French.

“For residential and small commercial systems, we only install Steca Solarix PLI-5000-48 inverters. We’ve installed more than 100 devices so far,”, says Antoine Saliba, General Manager at Energies Sport Santé (ESS), an EPC contractor for renewable energies. “I can monitor all devices that have FernLite from my office. It’s a fantastic tool for installers.”


KATEK Group, headquartered in Munich, is one of the fastest growing electronics companies in Europe and aims to make a decisive contribution to the “electronification of the world.” As an end-to-end service provider for high-value electronics, KATEK offers a range of services covering the entire product lifecycle: from the development of software and hardware, through rapid prototyping of electronic assemblies and production, to subsequent support of the process at the customer’s premises, including logistics, after-sales and service activities.

At locations in Germany, Eastern Europe, North America and Asia, the company’s 3,100 employees produce the megatrends of the future. With its local-to-local approach, KATEK ensures proximity to the customer and at the same time paves the way to the global market.

At its site in Memmingen, Germany, KATEK Memmingen GmbH develops, produces, and distributes high-performance electronics for industry, medicine, domestic and automotive engineering, as well as innovative proprietary products for solar and energy that are known under the name Steca – A KATEK Brand.

KATEK’s CEO & co-founder is Rainer Koppitz, and Dr. Johannes Fues serves as CFO. For more information, please visit

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