Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

Build and utilise an active customer relationship.

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More than 20 years of a PV system’s service life hold the promise of incredible up-selling and after-sales opportunities in the medium and long term. But in order to really make use of this potential, a suitable marketing channel is required.

Although a professional service offer including operational monitoring provides (almost) all the prerequisites for a dynamic customer relationship, it can only be implemented with the help of a suitable tool.

Although PV systems can be monitored via the manufacturer platforms of modern inverters, they involve various restrictions. For example, PV suppliers are usually unable to use them as their own marketing channels. Given a 20+ year lifespan, the question of data sovereignty also arises – what if the PV provider wants to sell other inverters at some point?

Our solution consisting of a professional management software as well as an end-customer yield data platform therefore consistently focuses on your needs as a PV system provider and gives you full control at all times.

Better Fit Thanks to Two Levels

When monitoring PV systems, the requirements of operators and customers differ in many respects. The management of PV systems is technologically driven, while the customer platform is primarily a marketing tool. We therefore use a two-layer model for our system so that you can use an optimised tool for every purpose:

1. Management

The base layer is a professional process control and monitoring software for industrial use. It communicates directly with the PV systems, collects data, and offers the operators all the tools they need to monitor, service, and manage the systems.

What’s especially advantageous – if the inverter can communicate without restrictions via TCP/IP, no additional hardware is required to connect a PV system.

The management software is often used to control and monitor conventional and PV power plants and meets the highest requirements in terms of safety and reliability.

2. Customer Platform

The end-user platform forms the upper of the two levels. It collects the data from the management software, prepares it and visualises it for the end-customer. The end-customer can easily access the platform via a browser. In addition to the yield data, the user also has access to a document management system for documentation as well as planning and offer data for the PV system.

It is also possible to easily integrate other services and devices – e.g. a channel for content marketing, user interfaces for smart home devices, battery storage, etc.

The user can also receive active push messages, e.g. for special events or for marketing purposes.

The frontend is fully responsive, i.e. the user interface adapts flexibly to the end-device used – whether mobile phone or PC. If desired, the portal can also be made available as an app (iOS/Android).

Your Control Room – Your Staff – Your Server

The installation of new systems on the servers and their management can be carried out in the long term by your own staff after appropriate training.

Both servers can be operated on the same hardware and of course you can host the server on your own.

If you wish, we can also carry out all tasks that you do not wish to or cannot perform yourself.

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