Batteriesystem mit Logo von Ecocoach

PR for ecocoach

PR and content marketing for Swiss technology company

Vollelektrischer E-Truck E-Force-EF18_SZM mit ecovolta-Traktionsbatterie

ecovolta PR

Public Relations and campaigns for innovative storage systems

Presentation of the campaign »Unser Einer – Mach mit!«

Campaign »Unser Ener – Mach mit!«

Campaign »Unser Ener – Mach mit!« (Our One – Join in!) of the Ministry for environment, forests and consumer protection in Rhineland-Palatinate

Solar Calculator Suncheck APP

Complement to the lead generator: APP for calculating the specific yield with savings potential and own consumption ratio


PR for the microgrid specialists

renewables – Made in Germany – Cover in 5 Sprachen, erstellt von | Kommunikation für die Neue Energiewelt

renewables – Made in Germany

Image catalogues for the export of German companies: Export Marketing Package from dena

Vikram Solar Manufacturing Facility in India

Vikram Solar

worldwide press relations of the international solar company

old woman listening with glass on her ear at the wall

New Energy World 2017 campaign

Advertising campaign for the established industry congress Forum New Energy World

Neas Energy

PR for leading energy traders – press releases, technical texts, advertorials and newsletters.

Photovoltaik Institut

Public Relations for the prestigious planning and testing institute

PV online calculator

RheinEnergie PV online calculator

PV calculator as lead generator for the regional energy provider Rheinenergie

Cover TESVOLT image brochure

Tesvolt Marketing Concept

Tesvolt marketing concept with corporate design, advertising campaign, concepts for product documentation, product design and website


PR, corporate design, web design, marketing materials and content for SmartFlex.

PV yield data portal from Sunbeam Communications

Zebotec PV yield data portal

Server-based yield data portall for investors of photovoltaic systems

Windindustrie in Deutschland Broschüre 2016

Wind industry in Germany

Industry report of the wind industry in Germany. Provides an overview of the current state of development and an overview of German companies

Energiewende Animation

Animation of the energy transition

Explanatory film "Shaping the energy transition – seizing opportunities"


Biogas: an all-rounder

Sunbeam produces the image brochures "Multitalent Biogas" and presents the most important players in the sector.

Ben Hill, VO EMEA, Tesla Energy Products at Energy Storage Europe

Messe Düsseldorf – Energy Storage

Marketing support, media planning and press work for the flagship trade fair for storage tanks

power calculator

Online calculator for dimensioning and yield calculation of battery memories

Tesvolt lithium storage TS: The all-rounder for commercial use

Tesvolt PR

Public Relations and campaigns for innovative storage systems